standard-title Skin Cancer Treatment

Skin Cancer Treatment

Most skin cancers are best treated with excision that removes the entire lesion and a margin of skin around it. This minimises the risk of any recurrence.  Most lesions can be removed with a simple ellipse or “oval” excision that leaves a thin straight line scar.

On some parts of the body, especially the face, around the eyes and ears, more complex excisions such as flaps, or skin grafts are required to achieve a satisfactory cosmetic result and these are usually performed by specialists such as plastic surgeons.

Melanomas require much wider margins of excision to ensure their complete removal to prevent recurrence and reduce the risk of spread. Melanomas may also require further specialist treatment if they are more advanced.

Not all skin cancers require excision. Some early types of SCC (squamous cell carcinoma) called Bowen’s disease, some small BCCs and pre-cancerous solar keratoses can be treated with freezing (cryotherapy), burning and scraping (curette and diathermy), or using creams such as efudix, aldara and picato. Our doctors will usually discuss the treatment options with each individual patient to determine the best and preferred course of treatment.